Happy 78th Indonesian Independence Day 2023

Happy 78th Indonesian Independence Day 2023
Happy 78th Indonesian Independence Day 2023

TILONGKABILA-(icg.sch.id)- Kamis, 17/08/2023- Happy 78th Independence Day to Indonesia. On this special occasion, Indonesians commemorate the day our country declared its independence from Dutch colonial rule on August 17, 1945. This day holds great significance in the history of Indonesia, as it marks the beginning of the nation’s journey towards self-determination, unity, and progress.

Becoming an instructor at the ceremony, Dr. H. Sabara K. Ngou, M.P.dI. read the speech of the Minister of Religion in front of participants at MAN IC Gorontalo field, Thursday (17/08/2023). Before, The Principal of MAN ICG, Dr. Hj. Jasmaniar, S.E., M.Ec. Dev., read the Indonesia Proclamation Text. There were about 500 participants, consisting of students, principals, and Kemenag Staff of Bone Bolango. Sabara also thanked all participants who came to celebrate the Indonesia Independence Day at MAN IC Gorontalo. In addition, participants was wearing colorful traditional dress when they held 78th Indonesia Independence Day.

“As a head of Kemenag Office of Bone Bolango, I would like to say thank you very much for your coming. Hope, this moment will give motivation and inspiration to be better for all of us in the future,” said Sabara.

The celebration continued with the MAN ICG Book Launch. MAN ICG launched new books produced during 2023 and exhibited to the public. The books exhibited are the history of MAN IC all over Indonesia, Teachers’ Poems, and some action research books written by MAN ICG’s teachers.

This euphoria didn’t stop there, students held games and competitions among them at School Hall, Harun Ar-Rasid. A photo boot stand, a cafe stand, and many more can be seen by visitors who come to MAN ICG. Occasionally, students also do sports such as badminton, basketball, and football, both indoors and outdoors.

Throughout its history, Indonesia has faced various challenges and made significant strides in political, social, and economic development. The diverse culture, rich heritage, and natural beauty of Indonesia continue to captivate the world. As Indonesians celebrate their nation’s independence, they also reflect on their achievements and look forward to a brighter future.

The celebrations usually include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural performances, and various events that showcase the country’s diversity and unity. It’s a time for Indonesians to come together as a nation, honor their history, and celebrate their identity.

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! (agunka)